We thank Pamm Minden and Audrey Taatjes of Minnesota, USA and the Salem Lutheran Church for supporting the mother program of OWIDOP, vulnerable children and families, and being the founding partners for Talents Life through the initiative of sending a pioneer team of six youth for apprenticeship training in 2020.

  • Open your firm/factory/business/organization for selected youth to come in for short term work experience after their pre-work experience training and counseling on work ethics, discipline, attitude and general positivity
  • Partner with us in funding fully or partly our volunteer weeks in areas of concern for local communities such as garbage collection, bush clearing, cleaning homes such as orphanages or old peoples’ homes, markets, and talking to society on radio or other media, helping the sick in local hospitals or doing public health campaigns under supervision of the local public health offices,e.t.c
  • Sponsor an apprentice at the rate of USD500 for a three month period in the “Jua Kali” sector in Kisumu, Kenya
  • Sponsor a student to join a local TIVET at the rate of USD1000 for a year in Kisumu, Kenya
  • Offer as a professional to mentor any number of youth in the program as a parent figure guiding their hands and feet in the professional world
  • Offer to appear pro bono to speak to youth in various forums organized by the organization for the benefit of the youth who are looking to move to early adulthood
  • Provide general support for the purchase of various equipment for training and income generation, for example,  we need good public address systems for our events, carpentry and masonry tools and machines, and vehicles
  • Provide support in establishing a recording and production studio to help the many youths who wish to take that route in Kisumu

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