Talents Life Community Based Organization is registered in Kisumu County, Kisumu East Sub-County, Kenya with the aim of helping young people from vulnerable families enter careers and professions early and improve themselves to become instrumental in our communities as responsible adults.

To achieve this, the organization has proposed continuous career guidance and counseling, volunteerism, work experience and exposure, apprenticeships, and
life skills training and mentorship as some of the critical measures that must be taken.

It is our desire and hope that we can work with as many partners and stakeholders as possible to make this dream a reality. The youth unemployment and underemployment is at crisis levels in Kenya. This organization wishes to do something about it. We call on you to open up your work place for the youth
under this program to come in and gain experience. We call on communities to help us engage youth in the debate about what each person feels they would like
to do, or where they see their talents. It could be in the arts; singing or acting, or in working with one’s hands; carpentry, masonry, plumbing,electrical fittings, refrigeration expertise, boiler technicians, you name it.

Wherever one’s interest may be, this organization hopes to help young people identify the place early and begin building towards being an expert in the talent area.
While doing so, the youth must be involved in helping their communities through useful volunteer work or work experience engagement.

We appeal to persons and organizations to stand with us by sponsoring apprentices or paying for volunteer weeks or allowing the youth to gain experience within
their premises/factories/organizations. We also encourage philanthropists to sponsor identify especially talented but extremely vulnerable young people
through education as we create professional role models in different talent areas in Kenya.